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CikFin Hijab Mask in Grey

CikFin Hijab Mask in Grey

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The First Edition Hijab Mask 3ply from CikFin is created especially for women who wear hijab and want comfort in going about their daily activities. This face mask is made from scuba cloth and provides the best protection in line with the current new norm.

You will surely love the spandex strap on the CikFin Hijab Mask because it is easy for #CFGIRLS to wear and breathe comfortably. Furthermore, #CFGIRLS can choose any of the 5 favorite colors to suitably match their different outfits.

  • Easy and takes no time to put on
  • Soft fabric and can breathe comfortably
  • Easy to wash
  • Durable spandex strap
  • Filters are provided for better protection
  • Measurement : 21.5cm x 6.5cm
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